I help remove the obstacles to your happiness.

Self-worth, grief, love, career or something else.

Your challenges - and how I can help

  • You’re low on self-esteem

  • The team doesn’t function

  • There’s not that much love in your life

  • Your leadership assessments are unsatisfactory

  • You’re just not that happy

  • You’re low on energy

  • You’re facing difficult choices – career, money, love

  • Your career is not going in the right direction

  • Coaching

  • The personality typology tool the Enneagram

  • NLP

  • mBIT (a deep and gentle coaching method)

  • The Ready for Love program

  • The Ikigai model

  • Grief Recovery Method – Scientific evidence-based.

  • The communication Mirror

Empowering people

I’m in the fortunate position of frequently receiving feedback from women that they feel empowered when they’ve worked with me. 


Clients of tell me that I inspire self-confidence and that clients feel safe and brave when they’ve worked with me. 

I’m very honoured about this and the safety and empowerment of my clients is very important to me. 

Do you need help?

Discover how to reach your goal

Grief recovery
Feel better

Get ready for love A structured and well-tested programme (not in English yet)

Be heard! An online programme if you have self-esteem issues (not in English yet)

Find your WHY
Get clarity on your career and on your life

Your leadership - take charge
Find out your strengths and options

Who I worked with

  • Electrolux

  • Right Management

  • LeadershipSculptor

  • EMBO

  • University of Helsinki

  • University of Ulm

  • University of Geneva

  • Children’s Cancer Research Institute, Vienna

  • MRC London

  • USC, Santiago de Compostela

  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

  • Danish Nurses Organization, (DNO)

  • Danish Powerjobsøgerne

  • The Jožef Stefan Institute (IJS), Ljubljana

Send me an e-mail – I look forward to hear from you!

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