Coaching and you

With me you can relax and together we'll find the solution that's right for you. I take care of the process and you bring the problems and the goals you wish to reach.

Working with me, you'll always be the center of attention - where you are now and where you want to go. 

Usually we'll start with a personality type test that I'm using. I've worked with the Enneagram for many years and I know that it'll help you reach your goals faster. Your Enneagram type tells me something about your patterns and motivations and that way we reach clarity and knowledge faster about how I can help you or you can help yourself in the best way. 

What is coaching - and what isn't

In coaching we look forward - we look at what is possible. In therapy you look at something that happened in your past. We may touch on reasons why you have certain patterns but our focus will be to change them so that you can get the future you want. A coach will always try and help you that which you want and which should be changed. The focus is always you and your life. 

A coach is always completely on your side and will listen to you and ask questions free of judgment.

  • Do you want to change your worklife?

  • Do you want clarity about your skills and talents?

  • Do you find it difficult to say no to others?

  • Do you spend your time doing the wrong things?

  • Do you spend your money unwisely?

  • Would you like a better work-life balance?


I can help you. Together we'll define what is best for you - and how you get there. Coaching can make you look forward and mental and behavioural patterns that no longer have any value for you. 

How to reach me
 I'll help you create the change that you want. 

Call for further information or to book a session on +45 26 18 61 90 or send me an e-mail: mhl(a)
I work with the Japanese Ikigai model

Mette Hvied Lauesen • Industriparken 4 • 2750 Ballerup • Denmark 

+45 26 18 61 90 • mhl(a) • CVR: 27531385 • Bankkonto: 9070 1629896046

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