Where do you want to take your career? Don’t you enjoy what you do? Or are you unsure of what else you could be doing?

Do you need a change?
New career?
New worklife?

Have you been laid off?
What’s happening now?
Does it affect your self-esteem?

Are you a leader?
Would you like more tools and more band-width for your leadership?

Are you not happy at work? Is the team not thriving?

Your personal leadership

When leading others – and yourself – you benefit from finding the style, the methods and the “spirit” that work best for you. Why? It lends you credibility and you’re able to perform both authentically and easily. 

Whenever I work with people on their leadership skills, we always look at: 

  • Your values. What are your personal values and how do they show up in your decisions, in your life choices and in your everyday life?

  • Your inherent strengths. Through the use of the Enneagram, we’ll establish fairly quickly what strengths you already have. For instace: A person of type 5 can focus on both the tiny details and also be quite focused on the greater scheme of things.

  • Your preferences. Where do you thrive? How often do you need to be recognized for what you do? Or perhaps you prefer to just get things done by yourself? Do you prefer a high pace to a slower one? Do you prefer short tasks versus longer projects? When do you feel motivated?

  • Your personal leadership has nothing to do with a leadership title – it’s about how you manage your life and your resources. It’s about how YOU use YOUR talents.

Find the purpose of your (work)life

The last thing I want is for anybody to get out of bed to go to a job they don’t like.

The only thing that makes you really happy when you choose a job or a career is if you choose it with your heart.

My high-five coaching model has five steps that all increase your level of self-awareness and insight and make you more conscious about what you choose or not in your career – and in your life. And who knows – perhaps tweaking the present is all you need to be happy?

We’ll look at

  • You – what’s your Enneagram style and what’s significant for that particular style.
  • Your values – what’s important to you in your life
  • Your purpose – what’s super important to you in your (work)life?
  • Motivation – when and how do you feel motivated?
  • An action plan – so what can you do. Specifically.


Do you know what you want, what your skills are and the pitfalls of your CV and would you be able to present all of it skilfully for an interview?

​Preparing yourself for a new job – whether you have to or want to – takes a fair bit of preparation. You need to know

  • WHAT you’re looking for – what works for you and what you do well.
  • What employers are looking for
  • How to combine the two

It can be tempting to do what you’ve always done but what if your results improved by doing something different and by having a more conscious and thought-through approach to your job search?

​Where you’re most convincing during an interview is where you’re the most authentic. That’s where you know your skills, your wants and your values. I can help you bring those to light.

Qualifications, feedback, CV

  • Mapping of wishes and skills, strengths and weaknesses
  • Assessment of your CV
  • Feedback on cover letters (I use hour per application
  • Rehearsal of the interview


The first thing that happens is that you’ll be getting a personality type test. I work with the tool The Enneagram, which you can read about here

  • ​During our first meeting (approx. 90 minutes) I’ll get to you know you better and we’ll look at your test results and talk about for instance strengths and weaknesses and I may provide you with a few other ideas about your skillsets.
  • We’ll talk about what you want and for what reason – what are you passionate about and what skills do you have.
  • We’ll go through your CV – is it clear and precise enough
  • We’ll talk about how you can improve your job search
  • I’ll give you feedback on your cover letters.


And if you want, we can practise the job interview.

Five sessions will get us a long way with all of this.

Call +45 26 18 61 90 or send me an email if you want to know more.


Are you doing what you want to do?

Your career is storming ahead. Maybe.

Perhaps it’s not what you wanted?

Perhaps you have no idea what’s right for you?

​On your CareerCheckIn we’ll come a long way in either correcting your career changing the course of it.

​Sometimes we end up doing what we do by accident and it can become a habit rather than a conscious choice.

​Let me be the neutral professional with loads of experience to coach and guide you on the path you pick. My only focus is to make sure that you know and make use of your talents – in whichever endeavours you choose.

We’ll look at your professional skill sets, your values and your wants. And we’ll look at what you already have that you may not have considered as something that could be valuable in your career.

We’ll talk about what’s important in your life, how you prefer to spend your time, what is meaningful to you and how you can make a difference to yourself and others. And we’ll do it in peace, quiet and confidence.

Call +45 26 18 61 90 and find out if it’s something for you.


Do you have one or more important decisions waiting for you?

Are you a new leader, are you facing a career change, or have your circumstances in life changed?


Then I would recommend that you commit yourself to 3-6 months of coaching. In addition to our usual meetings (approx. every two weeks), you’re free to email or call and we can talk about whatever it is when it’s urgent for you.


You will have a supportive resource who’s on your side where you can bounce ideas and thoughts during what could be a difficult or challenging time. And you can do so when it’s convenient for you (within reason of course)


You’re sharing the burden so to speak. 


Throughout there may be both some teaching and some homework – depending on your challenge. 


Call +45 26 18 61 90 and let’s talk about it. 

Book a call and let's chat!

Call me and let's find out how I may help you.

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