Ph.D. student

from workshop

When I cleaned my place in the office on friday, I found the manuscript from your workshop and had to smile and thought how helpful these three days were with our amazing experiences. 

Male client,


"I see Mette as somebody who creates trust while being compassionate and with a genuine interest in creating a personal change. She's inquisitive, listening and curious and has challenged me to see my issues in new perspectives and she has very much helped me focus on the right issues and that has brought me closer to my goals." Man, 45

Female client

"The best thing I got from the Enneagram type test was the knowledge that we all think that everyone thinks like us, and that it confirmed that my urges to go towards new things and starting all over again is actually my type playing out and not the best thing to actually do."

Dorthe, 52

”Our meetings have given me a lot of perspective on my issues and you've really helped in finding a job. You've given me some tools so that I'm now more aware of my strengths and in knowing when to say no. It's difficult for me but I know now that it's something I can practise," Dorthe, job seeking, 52

Woman, 38

“Mette is a person who knows herself extremely well. And she provides the space to let you be you. With her great insights in the Enneagram, she was even able to explain to me why I do what I do, think or say when I expressed doubts. Through her sense of humour, support and loving pushes, I came closer to the direction I want for my career. And in just one session. Mette would be my first choice should I need career counselling again." 

Female client

”I have been really happy with your coaching and it has helped me move along. By now I feel that I have more control over my life and more energy. You asked me the right questions that led my thoughts in the right directions. And I thank you very much for it. ”

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