Coaching is method that ensures that you reach your goals whether it be your career, your relationship, personal goals etc. It's fundamentally a structured conversation where you have a goal - and ask questions that clarify and bring insights. Since change happens over time, I recommend that we meet over a period of at least five weeks. I offer 3-6 month coaching packages for particularly new leaders.  
Coaching is a great way to find the hidden reserves you have  - either personally or in your team. That's why I freuently do group facilitations or group coachings.
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The programme is task based with weekly homework assignments using the Grief Recovery Handbook as the reference book. 

Having completed the programme, you may discover that you

  • feel better

  • sleep better

  • have become yourself again

  • have let go of all the draining thoughts

  • have found peace of mind. 

Call for more information  +45 26 18 61 90. I will look forward to talking to you so that you can move on in YOUR life. 

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As a leader of yourself and others, you need to find the style, methods and "spirit"which fits you best. Why? It lends you the most credibility and it makes you able to perform authentically and unhindered. 

Whenever I help people get leadership clarification, these are some of the elements we always look at: 


  • Your values - what are your personal values and how can you implement them in your decisions, your choices and your behaviour.

  • Your natural strengths. Via the Enneagram we can get a fairly quick idea about the gifts you were born with. An example: Type 5 is able to handle both details and the big picture at the same time.

  • Yoour preferences: Where do you thrive? do you need continuous recognition or do you prefer to be left to your own devices? Do you prefer a slower and more steady pace or do you enjoy a high-speed environment. Do you prefer short or long-term projects? 

Your personal leadership has nothing to do with your formal position - but it's YOU who's in charge of YOUR life. So you may as well make the best of it. 





The process towards a new job is very much about solid preparation.  

It's about clarification and insights in a number of areas: 

  • What makes you happy?

  • Where did you create good results?

  • Which direction do you want for your career?

  • How do you want your work/life balance to be?

  • Etc.

I'm going to ask you questions to make you crystal clear on what you're looking for and I'm going to give your feedback on your CV and your cover letters. 


I'll be honest: This program does entail a bit of work for you and you'll profit from your efforts. 

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​We can all have our doubts about where our career is going. If we can change it. 

I'll help by asking the challenging questions that will cause reflection and insights and have you get clarificatin on what kind of life you want. 


We spend a lot of time on our work and it's an added bonus if we thrive doing it and achieve an emotional satisfaction from it. All is takes is knowing what we're looking for. 

I'll help you find it. 


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 For your team retreat: How about having a look at your group dynamics? 

Do you recognize this:


  • Your external contacts are not sure what you're saying or what you mean

  • You have conflicts about the same little things?

  • It's always the same three people  speaking up at group meetings?

  • There's too much nagging and whining in the corners?

If you can recognize this, I offer a Team Retreat where you'll disdover what's happening underneath the surface. You'll get an increased level of awareness both for yourself and for the group. 

Through fun exercises with light bulb moments and a gentle hand, all of you - the leader, too - will be able to relax and benefit. 

If you have other ideas, please feel free to call +45 26 18 61 90 and let's have a chat about it. 

mBIT is a very gentle and profound way of coaching where we work actively with the whole body: With the emotions in the heart, with the driving force of the body and the analysis of the brain. 


You will discover that a single session can have a lasting effect and make it crystal clear what your exact goal is - and what is your deepfelt motivation to reach it.

Following that we'll put a specific plan together. 

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Would you like to understand your partner better? Or how about yourself?


The Enneagram is a psychological model which is based on the assumption of nine different core motivations in people and that each individual is driven by one of those nine. We cal l them the nine types. 


Depending on your individual type, there's a tendency to have a certain behaviour. Only tendency - many other factors come into play. This behaviour can either help you or work against you depending on what you want to achieve.

I'm an Accredited Professional with the International Enneagram Association. 

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As a leader you need to be able to use your communication deliberately. The more you know - the better you can change it.

The Communication Mirror measures and improves the communication of leaders. The tool measures a number of factors and the result is revealed in a conversation with a certified counsellor. 

As a leader you will get both individual and constructive feedback with a focus on your positive results and how you can make more use of them. 



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