- have your personal coach when and where you need it

There can be times when you need to draw on everything you have to make sure you make the right decisions. I can help you get through that time so that you get help when and where you need it (within reason of course). This will always be an individual plan so please call +45 26 18 61 90 for mere information

- reach your personal goals - and become both more efficient and a stronger person

Whether you're a leader or an employee, there is much to deal with in everyday life: Situations, people, responsibilities. Here it can be inspiring to get a new take on your workplace and to focus on the areas where you want a change. In the short or long term. For you or for your employee. And in full confidentiality, of course.

ATA 360 degree leadership assesment with subsequent leadership coaching

- A leadership assessment that measures your daily efficiency on a number of properties- eg self-management, self-control, relationships and empathy

This leadership assessment with a focus on compassionate qualities helps to uncover where the leader can benefit from further development and set appropriate goals while the subsequent coaching process clarifies how to achieve these goals.

Measure leadership communication efficiently with the Communication Mirror
- Manage your communication style as a leader - the more you know, the better you're able to change it. 

The communication mirror measures and improves leadership communication. The tool measures a number of communication skills and the individual leader gets the results and also personal feedback in a private conversation with a certified advisor. The feedback is constructive and focuses primarily on what the individual does well. I have never met anyone who got a bad experience from being through this measurement. Read more here (the link is in Danish)

- a workshop

This is an area I'm passionate about. Here I will typically analyse the team using the Enneagram  - a personality typology tool. It gives you an understanding of where and how team members are different, how best to use the team's strengths and finally how you can work to optimize your cooperation.

- are you using your potential the best way? And how about your values and preferences?

When is what you do a habit - and when is it a conscious choice? Together we look at your professional skills, your values, your wishes and, of course, all that you have with you that matters in your work life. We will talk about what's important to you in life, where you spend your time in the most meaningful manner and where you can see that you can make a difference.

Enneagram test with a personal interview and feedback
- gain new insights

I’m using what I believe to be the best Enneagram test on the market – the Halin Prémont Enneagram Indicator. This test is scientifically validated and is constantly being developed. It is convincingly accurate, but for the results to make sense to you, you will always have a personal interview along with the result. You are not a number - you are an entire person who is characterized by your upbringing, your culture, your friends and much more. Read more about the Enneagram here

An introduction to the Enneagram

- the Enneagram - a personality typology tool - explains a great deal of the behavioural and motivational patterns of the nine types of people. 

I use the Enneagram in my own daily life, in interaction with my customers and clients and in cooperation with my colleagues. And I would be happy to come by and introduce the tool for you and your employees so that you can see how your new knowledge can change the way you work together. .

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