Do you know what you want, your skills, your CV and would you be able to present all of it skilfully for an interview?

Preparing yourself for anew job - whether you have to or want to - takes a fair bit of preparation. You need to know

  • WHAT you're looking for - what works for you and what you do well. 

  • What employers are looking for

  • How to combine the two

It can be tempting to do what you've always done but what if your results improved by doing something different and by having a more conscious and thought-through approach to your job search.

Where you're most convincing during an interview is where you're the most authentic. That's where you know your skills, your wants and your values. I can help you bring those to light. 

Qualifications, feedback, CV

  • Mapping of wishes and skills, strengths and weaknesses

  • Assessment of your CV

  • Feedback on cover letters (I use hour per application

  • Rehearsal of the interview


The first thing that happens is that you'll be getting a personality type test. I work with the tool The Enneagram, which you can read about here

  • During our first meeting (approx. 90 minutes) I'll get to you know you better and we'll look at your test results and talk about for instance strengths and weaknesses and I may provide you with a few other ideas about your skills. 
  • We'll talk about what you want for what reason - what are you passionate about and what skills do you have. 
  • We'll go through your CV - are clear and precise enough
  • We'll talk about how you can improve your job search
  • I'll give you feedback on your cover letters.
And if you want, we can rehearse the job interview. 

Call +45 26 18 61 90 or send me an email if you want to know more


“Through her sense of humour, support and loving pushes, I came closer to the direction I want for my career. And in just one session. Mette would be my first choice should I need career counselling again." 

"I see Mette as somebody who creates trust while being compassionate and with a genuine interest in creating a personal change. She's inquisitive, listening and curious and has challenged me to see my issues in new perspectives and she has very much helped me focus on the right issues and that has brought me closer to my goals." Man, 45


This is including five sessions, and any assignments and materials that come between sessions.

Mette Hvied Lauesen • Industriparken 4 • 2750 Ballerup • Denmark 

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