Helping Children with Loss

Learn how to help the children in your care cope with loss and bereavement 

What are the losses that can affect your child?

It is estimated that before the age of 15 children will experience 10-15 significant emotional losses. These losses include – but are not limited to


  • Death of a loved one – including pets

  • Moving

  • Parents’ divorce – the family splitting up

  • Changing schools

  • Best friend moving or changing schools

  • Bullying

  • Hurtful words from significant people in the child’s life

If you’re either a parent or a teacher, child minder or school nurse, you’ve probably come across children asking difficult questions on death and loss – or they may be experiencing it. And you just want their pain to go away and help them. You may also remember when you yourself was a child and how sad and lonely you felt because nobody seemed to understand you.


It’s quite common that our go-to strategy is that of either comforting or distracting the child – and that may work for a little bit – but the grief isn’t going away. It just shows up in different ways in school or at home.


Wouldn’t it be helpful if you knew what to do? If you felt comfortable in dealing with the sad emotions that children suffering losses can have? Wouldn’t it be useful if you could teach children how to deal with those emotions so that they get healthy emotional habits for when they grow up and teach it to their children?


The “Helping Children with Loss” programme does just that. It provides anyone who either has or work with children the specific tools for helping children of all ages recover from losses.


When you’ve finished the course, you will

  • Know how to communicate confidently and effective with children and teenagers about grief and loss

  • Know how to use specific tools to help children or teenagers recover from grief and loss

  • Be able to help children and teenagers develop good habits on how to deal with losses for the rest of their lives

And you will have the confidence to start helping children immediately.


The Helping Children with Loss programme has been adapted from the evidence-based Grief Recovery Method which has helped thousands of grievers all over the world heal from the pain of personal losses.

The course is online and live. We'll meet once a week for about 2-2½ hours over 4 weeks. We'll be using the book When Children Grieve, which I'll send to you if you live in Denmark. 

The course costs DKK 1495, ex VAT and it runs regularly in both Danish and English. 

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