Feel better following divorce, death, break-up, pet-loss or any other kind of loss.


Grief is a natural and human emotion following a loss - whether it be a death, a divorce, a significant relation, a loss of a job, of a pet or a major change in your life - such as a move. 

How to recover from grief
In the course of 8 weeks with 8 individual sessions and homework, you will learn step by step how to complete the actions necessary to recover from grief. It is not a support chat nor is it counselling or therapy. 


It is a powerful, dynamic, sensible and accessible programme that is genuinely for anyone willing to take the necessary actions to help themselves. 


The programme is task based with weekly homework assignments using the Grief Recovery Handbook as the reference book. 

Having completed the programme, you may discover that you

  • feel better

  • sleep better

  • have become yourself again

  • have let go of all the draining thoughts

  • have found peace of mind. 


Scientific evidence

The GRM program is an evidence-informed, practice-based program that has been shown to effectively influence components of grief and grief recovery. Read the study here​

Call for more information  +45 26 18 61 90. I will look forward to talking to you so that you can move on in YOUR life. 

The grief recovery process​

Throughout the training we will be using the book The  Grief Recovery Handbook which you order through this link. As homework you will be reading some of the chapters before our meeting and you will be given home work as well. 


"This the first time, I've felt a professional take my loss serioiusly" (pet loss)

"When I experienced 7 losses in 3 years, it was this program that helped begin to lift the weight that just kept getting heavier. Your clients are in good hands."

"It far exceeded anything I thought possible"

"…you've helped me get through my grief relating to both my mother and my former partner. The combination of conversations and exercises has really been very efficient and it has kept me on the path of relating to my grief. I never thought I'd come out stronger on the other side, but I have - thanks to your help…"



8 weekly sessions either in person or online

You're always welcome to book a free initial call - click here

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