When has what you do become a habit - and when is it a conscious choice?

You go to work on Monday morning and everything is a bit... bleh. You know what you'll be doing during the week and you know it'll be okay. But there's no thrill. Or there's too much of a thrill. So much, in fact, that it doesn't feel safe or right. And maybe it isn't. On the way home you get the idea that perhaps you should be doing something else entirely. But what? And can it even be done?

Your talents, skills, values and ambitions

Let me be the professional with a lot of experience who you can run your ideas by and together we can generate som new ones so that you find the right path for you in your (work) life. What matters to me is that you get to use your individual talents in a combination with your wishes. 

Together we'll look at your professional skills, your values and your wishes. We'll also look at everything you have with you which you may not have thought about as something that could benefit you in your work life. We'll talk about what's important to you in life, how and where you spend your time with meaning for you and where you see that you can make a different. And we'll do it quietly and in confidence. 

Career coaching in English

The CareerCheckIn will usually take three sessions and you may expect some homework between our sessions. 

If you wish, you can pay in installments

CareerCheckIn – are you doing what you want to do?

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