Coaching is a professional and guided conversation in which the coach is neutral and guides the process by means of open-ended questions. 
Expectations, test and feedback
When you coach with me, our first meeting will be approx. 90 minutes long so that I get more background knowledge on you and your life. Our next sessions will be approx. 60 minutes long. Also, you will get feedback from the test that I'll send to you before our first meeting. I work with the personality type tool the Enneagram which is basically a short cut to the various personality patterns and motivations within the 9 different types of people. I use this to make sure that we get the best possible outcome of the coaching sessions. 
I always recommend at least 5 sessions and the test and feedback is included in this price. See under Fees and Policies
What you need to bring
To benefit from coaching, you will need a will to change, the courage to be honest and a good connection with your coach. Some people benefit from coaching on a regular basis - others only with specific problems in their lives. 
One-on-one, teach-coaching, facilitation
Coaching is extremely effecient to bring out your own resources. Or those of your team. This is why I frequently do group facilitations. 
NEW! Coach-on-demand
Are you facing a couple of months with big choices or do you "just" need to get back on track, I would recommend you try Coach-on-demand. Here, I'll be at your service in the desired period of time - no less than two months. This means that apart from our regular talks, you can get here-and-now coaching through whatsapp, Zoom or similar - then you can get help when and where you need it. This will always be an individual plan so please call +45 26 18 61 90 for mere information.
My clients usually say that I make them feel very safe - and that would go for you, too.
Online coaching and in English
I coach in person, online or over the phone. And if you wish, we can also use a chat-function: Skype, Messenger, Whatsapp for instance. 
How to prepare for our first meeting

Before we meet, it's a good idea if you prepare by thinking about what you want to talk about. The more precise, we can be, the better the odds of doing something about it. 

Before our first meet, I will send you a link to an Enneagram test (Halin Premont Enneagram Indicator). This is a tool that I use so that you can benefit quicker from your coaching. The price is included if you buy five times of coaching up front.



Our talks will remain private and in confidence. It matters a great deal to me that you feel safe. 

One of my favourite videos - and no - that's not how we do it.

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