A common denominator throughout my career has been

people and how they understand each other.

Som cand. mag har jeg arbejdet som  kommunikationsrådgiver i mange år. Og derudover har jeg uddannet mig indenfor Enneagrammet og forskellige typer af coaching. Og senest har jeg taget en uddannelse i England som Grief Recovery Specialist. 

I have a number of skills that I make good use of. I have an MA in English and I’ve worked as communications advisor for many years. In addition I have a number of certifications within the personality typology tool the Enneagram. The latest addition has been a training as an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist from the British Grief Recovery Institute. 

When I'm not coaching or helping people recover from grief, I teach leadership courses for research scientists in international workshops. 

I'm absolutely passionate about

  • creating better and more authentic leaders

  • supporting men and women in their personal leadership - to be able to choose and decide in accordance with their own values and desires. 

  • helping people get rid of all the 'clutter' that makes it difficult to be authentic

  • helping people with love - either to say goodbye to it with dignity and respect -- or welcome it with a clear and ready heart. 

Regarding the Enneagrammet, I've been the on-off President of the Danish affiliate of the International Enneagram Association as well been the Vice President of the over-all International Enneagram Association. 

My signature traits are

  • creating trust

  • asking the "right" questions

  • using a sense of humour constructive

  • not letting you off the hook. 

 I do all of my work in both Danish and English

Mette Hvied Lauesen
Who am I?

I'm a happily married woman who spends her time and holidays on travels, learning and people.


When I'm not busy in my own business, I'm a co-trainer with  Leadership Sculptor - a consultancy that develops leaders within research. 

I'm also affiliated with British TIPICircle, a consultancy focusing on leadership, mentoring and coaching. 


I'm fundamentally a curious and compassionate human being and I can promise you a few laughs along the way. 

Mette Hvied Lauesen • Industriparken 4 • 2750 Ballerup • Denmark 

+45 26 18 61 90 • mhl(a)mettehl.dk • CVR: 27531385 • Bankkonto: 9070 1629896046

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